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The Sierre EXPO closed its doors this Sunday, June 2 and we'll see you soon!

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About Us

Nowadays, it has become vital to inform people and introduce them to the little-known world of reptiles and their danger of extinction.

Our objective is to teach young and old to better understand these feared animals while allowing them to experience an unforgettable moment through a family and educational visit.

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New !

This year you will be able to discover for the first time in Switzerland and practically UNIQUE IN THE WORLD, because the only other place to find it in captivity is in a zoo in Czechia, an exceptional snake which was officially discovered quite recently in Iran (2006) : the spider viper(Pseudocerastes urarachnoides). It has the most elaborate lure of all snakes, this growth at the end of its tail looks exactly like a small spider, which makes it a formidable lure for birds in search of food.

Teaser Expo Sierre 2024

Teaser Expo Friborg in 2019

Gallery of some
animals on display

Our Herpeto Team

Brief presentation of our team of reptile experts

Elodie Berger

"Very nice exhibition, the animals were active and clearly visible... with the spitting cobras who had decided to add a little animation and who captivated young and old... thank you for your work."

" Very nice moment! Discoveries and tailor-made trips

Allows you to take your mind off things

Right now

Thank you so much ! "

Fanny Lip

“Very warm exhibition, a moment of discovery about misunderstood animals... Worth seeing!”


Coop Rossfeld Center

Route des Lacustres

3960 Sierre

077 532 74 67

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